At Churchgate Premier Homes quality & Design are at the heart of everything we do.


Selling all or part of your property can be an extremely daunting prospect. Add planning applications, option agreements, developers, solicitors and local planning offices and it can be easier just to say no! Here at Churchgate Premier Homes we know that making the decision to sell your house or garden is not something you would take lightly, but we are here to help and lead you every step of the way.

To help you understand a bit more about the process and how we work, we have explained every aspect below.


When you have decided you are interested in selling your land or property, we will work on producing a feasibility study which is presented to you once complete. If there is a site assembly (more than one property involved) we will also present this design to your neighbours joining the scheme.

The Offer

Following on from our design we will offer you the best possible price for your land or property, based on the square footage of the development and the likely completed value. Upon acceptance of our offer, we would move forward to prepare and sign an “option agreement” with you which then binds both parties to the relationship going forward.

Planning Application

Once the option agreement has been finalised and signed by both parties, our panel of in-house experts and outside consultants put together the planning application before submitting it to the local planning office.


Once the planning application has been approved, we will then exercise the option agreement to purchase your land or property. Dependent on the terms contained within it, completion generally happens fairly quickly and you can often receive the agreed figure within just a few weeks!

If you have any further questions or if you’d like to discuss the potential in your land, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01628 622311 and one of our land consultants will be more than happy to assist you.

Planning Details

To ensure that we maximise the price that we can pay for your property, it’s vital that we get the proposed scheme details right. To do this we employ:

Planners to look at local authority guidelines and any applicable environmental issues
– Highways consultants who look at access to the new site and any other potential obstacles
– Environmental consultants who look at matters such as tree protection and conservation

Once we have gathered all of the necessary information our architect will produce drawings of the envisaged scheme, at no cost to you.

What is an Option Agreement?

An option agreement is a contract between Churchgate Premier Homes and yourself, confirming that we agree to buy (and you agree to sell) your land or property at an agreed price and with a set of agreed terms. The document outlines exactly what part of your property (if we’re not purchasing it all) we would be buying, the agreed price and the length of time we have to do this. Once we have gained planning permission on the property we will exercise our option and you will receive the agreed funds.

Option agreements are very flexible in their content, so can often be constructed to take into account your situation and requirements. As with any development, the key to unlocking the value of your land is gaining planning permission. Once obtained, this generally lasts for three years, so our option agreements can be extended up to this time if you so wish. All costs relating to the option agreement being drawn up are paid for by Churchgate Premier Homes.


How much will all this cost me?
Absolutely nothing. We pay ALL the planning fees to gain planning permission plus we cover all your solicitor’s fees during the planning process.
How much money will the land be worth?
Every site for development is based on its own merits, our feasibility study will help to indicate the potential value involved.
How did you find out about my property and the extent of my garden?
We are able to make use of detailed Ordnance Survey plans that show us the extent of your land without troubling you, giving us an indication of what could potentially be achieved.
How soon will you make an offer?
Once we have agreed upon a final scheme, we could get the offer out to you within a week (hand-delivered due to the content).
On what basis is your offer?
If you wish, a monetary offer will be made to purchase your land or property with a period of time allocated to enable us to obtain the planning consent.
What if my neighbours object?
Out of courtesy, as part of an application we will write a polite letter to your neighbours asking if they would like to see the plans and whether they have any input that would help the proposed scheme. We have found that consideration to the neighbours from the outset can be beneficial to all parties.
When do I actually receive the money?
Once we have gained planning permission on the property we will exercise our option and you will receive the agreed funds.
What if the council refuses planning permission?
As our applications are thoroughly researched and based on detailed understanding of the council’s policies, if refused we would recommend that we appeal the decision. During the appeal process we would look also to re-negotiate with the local authority to overcome their reasons.
Will I have to pay tax?
We would always advise that you consult an accountant, however it is often the case that any gain made on a principal residence is free from capital gains tax.